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Graphite Pencil FAQ - Choosing and Using Drawing Pencils

Find out the answers to common questions such as - which pencil should I use? do I have to buy a set? Can I use an eraser? Should I shade with a blunt or sharp pencil? What's the difference between a lead pencil and a graphite pencil? How to sharpen pencils?

Graphite Pencil FAQ - Can I use an Eraser?
Isn't it cheating to use an eraser? No! Absolutely not. That's one of those silly urban myths made up by people who are too fond of rules. Read the answer to this question to find out where and how to use an eraser.

Graphite Pencil FAQ - Which pencil should I use for shading?
There's such a range of graphite pencils to choose from, its hard to know which to pick. Use one pencil for everything? Use a different one for every tonal value? Here's what to do.

Graphite Pencil FAQ - Which pencil should I use for line drawing?
Ok, so you've got a lovely tin of drawing pencils. But which one do you choose? It can be hard to know which pencil to select for different drawing tasks - here's a guide to choosing which graphite pencil you need to use for line drawing.

Graphite Pencil FAQ - What do the H and B and numbers mean on a pencil?
Are you wondering what those letters - the H, B, F - and numbers mean on a pencil? - Find out what they mean, and how they relate to the numbers on American writing pencils - pencil hardness and grades.

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