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Which paper should I use for Giclee printing?


Question: Which paper should I use for Giclee printing?
Answer: Different giclée printers will favor different papers, depening on their inks and the stock sizes that are available. There are a wide range of choices available in digital papers. One problem to be aware of when selecting a paper is dot gain. Dot gain is the spread of an ink droplet when it hits the paper. Photobase paper has a very small dot gain but is not archival, so is unsuitable for fine art printing. Arches and Somerset Enhanced watercolor papers have a slightly higher dot gain but still offer good resolution. Somerset Velvet has a relatively high dot gain, though the lovely matte surface may be worth the compromise, depending on the art. Hahnemuhle rag paper is another popular choice, offering a clean crisp white and excellent archival qualities.

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