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Giclee FAQ - What size can I print my artwork?


Question: Giclee FAQ - What size can I print my artwork?
Answer: Paper sheets are available in various sizes from 17 x 22 inches, up to 50 x 72 inches. The print sizes offered by individual companies will depend on the make and model of the printer they use. Many printers do work in small standard sizes, from around 6x8 inches, through 8x10 up to very large sizes. Maximum sizes can be very large, with some printers taking 44 inch wide paper, and some even up to 71 inches, with rolls many yards in length. Keep in mind that if you want a large print, your source file will need to be correspondingly large and high resolution. If producing multiple prints, you could arrange combinations of large and small drawings to make best use of the page. If printing on canvas, allow at least a 2-inch border for stretching.

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