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Figure Drawing - Figure Drawing Tips and Lessons

Figure drawing is the traditional cornerstone art training. The human figure offers every challenge one could require - line and tone, perspective and composition. Parental guidance advised as most of these sites depict nudity. For those under 18 - some of these sites may not be appropriate. If your parent's wouldn't approve, please respect their wishes.

Proportions of the Human Figure
This introductory, three-part tutorial explains traditional proportions of the human figure, how to use the thumb-and-pencil method of judging proportions, and how to judge angles in a pose.

Figure Drawing Proportions
Awareness of fundamental figure proportions is critical to the success of your figure drawings. Ed Hall demonstrates how understanding the 'big three' proportions can work for you.

The Head and Neck - Anatomy and Drawing
Improve your figure and portrait drawing with this guide to studying and drawing the anatomy of the head and neck. Stop drawing these dough-faced models and give your figures convincing three-dimensional structure!

Structure in Figure Drawing
A common problem in figure drawing is lack of structure. Flat, boneless figures which despite nice surface detail are somehow not convincing. Learn how to think like a sculptor to give your figure drawings a solid presence.

Using Line and Contour in Life Drawing
This lesson explores the linear aspects of figure drawing, from gestural to pure contour. Effective use of line can make all the difference. Don't be content with a flat, lifeless line. Follow these tips and bring your drawings to life with an elegant, expressive, beautiful contour.

Figure Drawing Exercise - Quick Poses
Find out how to add energy to your figure drawing, loosen up and practice making fast judgements about the figure with super-fast poses and bold blocking in of form.

Figure Drawing Gallery
Gallery of nude figure drawings. Parental advisory: frontal nudity. Not suitable for viewers under the age of 18.

Structure of the Human Head
Discover the classic rules of proportion which govern the human head. Use these principles to construct a simplified head from any angle.

Figure in Charcoal Demonstration
Artgraphica's demonstration of figure drawing in charcoal using powdered charcoal and brush.

Gesture Tutorial - Stick Figures and Gestural Sketches
A long tutorial acccompanied by animated gifs demonstrating life drawing concepts, beginning with stick figure and gestural drawing. An excellent resource from Rebecca Alzofon.

Constructing The Figure
Dan Gheno's lesson on constructing the figure from life covers many key issues in figure drawing.

Directional Hatching and Cross Contour Figure Drawing
Learn how to make your figure drawings leap out of the page by using directional hatching and cross contours.

Seeing and Rendering Planes in Figure Drawing
Ed Hall shows you how to use planes in figure drawing. Explore the concept of planes on the figure and learn to use them to model your life drawings.

Figure Drawing with Positive and Negative Space
Improve your figure drawing and composition by learning how to use positive and negative space relationships.

Figure Drawing Mistakes
Figure drawing can be challenging, but is definitely something you can learn. Here are some basic mistakes that nearly every young artist makes when learning to tackle the figure.

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