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How to Draw Clouds - Refining Details
cloud drawing in graphite pencil
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Eraser marks usually have a soft edge, which you can sharpen by lightly redrawing the ajacent dark values with a sharp pencil. You can also use a sharp corner of plastic eraser to 'draw' white lines, if the layer of graphite is not too thick. This sketch uses vigorous shading to maintain a sense of energy in the drawing. You can create a smoother, more realist surface by shading more finely (use a slightly harder pencil - B and 3B) on a softer paper - and using a great deal more patience and attention to detail! You can create a more dramatic surface by experimenting with strong, directional shading or hatching, with strong contrasts. Try using a torn paper stencil to keep white areas clear when using strong, hard-to-erase marks.
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