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Draw the Sky and Clouds - Drawing the sky, clouds and weather

Find out how to draw the sky, clouds and weather in various mediums including pencil, colored pencil and photoshop. Draw different cloud types and formations and get some tips on drawing the sky.

Drawing the Sky - Choosing Tonal Values
Tips on how to draw the sky, looking at tonal values, light and different kinds of skies. Improve your landscape drawings and sketches with these tips on drawing skies.

Drawing Clouds Step by Step
drawing clouds - a step-by-step demonstration of drawing cumulus and cirrus clouds in graphite pencil

Dramatic Clouds in Photoshop
Fiorella Mangiacore's tutorial shows how to create dramatic, moody cloudscape in Photoshop. The warm color scheme is inspiring. Some viewers may find the final image (with foreground subject added) a little disturbing.

Draw Cartoon Clouds
This lesson on the 'Art Attack' website shows you how to do simple caroon clouds - draw clouds in the sky, clouds of dust from your racing car (or horse!) or clouds of steam from a hothead!

Final Fantasy's Cloud
A nice, vigorous pen drawing of Cloud, entitled 'Strife' by artist Charlotte Lisa Clark, at Elfwood. Check out her other Fan Art drawings while you are there.

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