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Draw People - Learn to Draw People

You can learn how to draw people. From easy step by step tutorials to in depth studies of anatomy, these lessons on drawing people will help you with sketching people, portraiture and figure drawing.
  1. Drawing Hair (3)
  2. Figure Drawing (15)
  3. Human Anatomy (12)
  4. Life Classes (16)
  5. Portraits and Faces (19)
  6. Using the Sight-Size Method

Measuring Up - Judging Proprotions
Find out how to use the 'thumb and pencil' method to check proportions when drawing figures and portraits.

Drawing the Face - Drawing a Likeness
Drawing a likeness - get some tips on drawing a good likeness, and find out how to fix it when your portrait doesn't look like the sitter!

Figure and Portrait Ideas
Drawing people well takes lots of practice. Here you'll find some ideas for figure and portrait drawing for yourself or your art class. Find some easy, quick activities and a major project.

Drawing Hands
Hands can be the most challenging aspect of figure drawing, and their complexity can draw attention to them, whether well drawn or not. Try using a simple approach for a more successful result.

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