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Draw Manga and Anime Girls - Draw Anime and Manga Style Females

Learn to draw Manga and Anime female characters and figures. Draw pretty 'Bishujo' girls and your favorite female characters from Anime classics.

Draw a Manga Cyborg Woman
Cyborgs are fun to draw with a combination of fantasy robotics and human character. Here's a cool cyborg cop to draw.

Draw Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Follow Julie Dillon's step-by-step tutorial to draw front and side views of the beautiful Anime character Rei Ayanami. NB, your guide does not endorse Manga University products and services, only the FREE online tutorials.

Draw Sailor Moon's Face
This page has a simple step-by-step which begins with the eyes and works outwards, but you could always use the final picture as a guide if you prefer to begin with the face shape.

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