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Draw a Brick Wall in Perspective


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Finished Outlined Bricks
Crisply drawn bricks and mortar in perspective.

Crisply drawn bricks and mortar in perspective.

H South, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Here is the completed bricks-and-mortar wall in perspective, with erased your working lines. It looks very 'basic' at this stage, especially since I've drawn quite heavily so it would scan well. To create a properly finished drawing, I'd normally draw the construction so it was barely visible, giving a much cleaner finish - or alternatively, work in a much looser and sketchy fashion to give the drawing more energy. That is my preferred way of working. To add interest, you might add hatching, or if you've drawn it in pencil, lift some graphite with an eraser and add some texture, breaking up lines and adding patches of detail and damage.

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