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Drawing Texture, Materials and Surfaces

These external links have tips on on rendering specific materials, glass and metal, stone, timber, fur, etc. in various media, including painting techniques which can be applied to drawing.

Draw a Brick Wall in Perspective
How to Draw a Brick Wall in Perspective

Drawing Texture Library
Examples of textures and surfaces drawn in different media

Drawing Shiny Metal in Colored Pencil
A short illustrated tutorial on drawing shiny objects in colored pencil. Be sure to click on the picture to see the next steps in the example.

Drawing Textiles
John Hagan's tutorial, illustrated with examples from the masters, explains the key points in drawing and painting various textiles, noting the different visual qualities of wool, cotton, silk and satin and how they appear when draped as clothing.

J. D. Hillberry's Charcoal and Pencil Mini-Tutorial
JD Hillberry's book on 'Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil' is rapidly becoming a classic drawing textbook. He shared a few tips on materials and techniques in this website tutorial.

Drawing Reflective Materials at Elfwood
With simple, clear illustrations showing the way curved surfaces reflect a landscape environment, this tutorial explains some helpful concepts which you can apply to your own drawing of shiny surfaces.

John Hagan's Rendering Tutorials
Excellent advanced technical tutorials on subjects including perspective and rendering fabric and metal. Aimed at painters but the principles can be applied to drawing. Probably the most useful instructional material I've seen for artists with some experience.

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