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Drawing Paper - Art Papers for Drawing

Get information on drawing papers, find out how paper is made, how to choose the right drawing paper, and find links to art paper manufacturers.

Which Paper Do I Use for Graphite Pencil Drawing?
Which paper do I use for graphite pencil drawing? For graphite pencil drawing, and especially realist drawing, you need the right surface to support the detail and precise tonal gradations that you create. Find out which paper to choose for photo-realist graphite pencil drawing

Which Paper Do I Use for Pencil Sketching?
Which paper do I use for pencil sketching? Sketch paper comes in all kinds of weights, sizes, sheets and pads. It's so hard to choose! Here's a guide to choosing the right paper for pencil sketching to suit your style and budget.

Which paper should I use for Pastel and Chalk Drawing?
Which paper do I use for pastel and chalk drawing? There are so many different papers on the market, it's hard to know which one to use. This paper FAQ will help you choose the right paper for your pastel and chalk drawing

What's Your Favorite Paper for Graphite Pencil?
What is your favorite paper for graphite pencil drawing? Share your opinion and help other artists choose a great paper for graphite pencil drawing.

Choose Paper for Realist Graphite Pencil Drawing
Which paper should you use for finely detailed pencil drawing? Take a look at how a range of popular papers perform. This test looks at whiteness, tooth, paper grain and workability for fine graphite pencil drawing. It's especially important for photorealism and portraiture, where lack of graphite-holding ability or obvious grain can ruin the look of the drawing.

Paper Review - Generic Sketchbook Paper
How does generic sketchbook paper perform as a support for pencil, colored pencil and watercolour pencil? I test it out with various mediums to see how well it handles different mediums.

Recycled and Low Impact Drawing Paper
Recycled paper is made mainly from pre-consumer waste, which is trimmed during the paper manufacturing process. The greenest choice is post-consumer recycled. The fibers in recycled pulp are very short and heavily processed, so manufacturers often use a combination of recycled and new pulp to make the paper stronger. Hemp is a good alternative...

What Makes Art Paper So Expensive?
When you first go to an art store to buy some good paper for drawing or watercolor, the cost seems outrageous. How can one sheet of drawing paper cost as much as a whole packet of office paper? Find out what makes good art paper so expensive, and get some tips to help ease the pain in your wallet.

Know Your Paper
An introduction to the different types of paper, how its made and what to look for. Find out how to care for your art papers, plus some more paper links to investigate.

Ruscombe Paper Mill
Ruscombe produce some of the finest artist's papers in the world, many specifically designed to replicate those historically used by major artists. They offer superb products for a range of media, including the blue papers similar to Prudhon's, as recommended by Rebecca Alzofon.

Larroque Mill
Website of the Larroque Paper Mill, France. Photographs of the artisans at work and contact details.

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