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Drawing Dragons - Learn to Draw Dragons

Drawing Dragons - learn how to draw dragons. These tutorials explain how to use your imagination plus real animals as a reference, to draw lifelike dragons.
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How to Draw Dragons

Bring these mythical beasts to life with your guide's tips on drawing dragons. Find out how to design a cool dragon by using real animals as a reference.

Draw a Dragon's Head Step by Step

You can draw a cool fire-breathing dragon by following the step-by-step illustrations in this original, free tutorial by your Drawing guide.

Draw Dragon's Eyes in Colored Pencil

Here's some illustrated tips on creating a beady reptilian gaze for your dragon drawing.

Dee Dreslough's Digital Dragon Drawing

Use your computer graphics program to draw dragons, following the steps and tips in this excellent collection of dragon-drawing tutorials.

Draw a Magical Dragon

Inspired by Norbert, from the Harry Potter books, but taken off in a direction of his own - follow the steps to draw this slinky domesticated dragon.

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