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Learn to Draw Dragons and Fantasy

Fantasy art allows the artist complete freedom. Fantasy allows you to create your own vision of past, present and future. While 'the rules' of nature or physics might not apply in your world, the most successful fantasy artists seem to create their works in a realistic style that brings it to life.

How To Draw A Fantasy Comic Warrior Woman
Learn how to draw this beautiful fantasy barbarian warrior woman. Here's a heroine who looks like she can actually wield the razor-sharp weapon in her hands!

Drawing from Imagination - Tips on Imaginative Art
How do I draw better from imagination? This is an often-asked question. Here are some tips on bringing your creative fantasies to life, developing your own imaginative art.

Draw a Fantasy Hero
This guy is your classic comic book fantasy hero - muscular yet graceful, with a mane of blonde hair and a magical sword. He's a good guy through and through - you'll have fair maidens swooning and dragons flying off in a smoky huff when this hero takes the field in your comic book!

Draw a Fantasy Girl with Swords
Draw a beautiful long-haired fantasy girl - weilding two swords! Here's a fantasy or Manga character you can create and customize.

Draw a Comic Book Barbarian
Here's a fierce comic book barbarian to draw. This guy will do some serious damage with muscles that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud of. Move over Conan and Hercules, you've got some competition!

Draw a Fantasy Witch
Draw a fantasy witch queen. Follow the steps to create a classic Disney style evil witch queen, elegant, beautiful and dangerous!

How To Draw A Cartoon Fairy
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon fairy.

How To Draw A Cartoon, Comic Viking Warrior
Draw a Comic Book Viking - Follow along with this easy, step by step lesson that will teach you how to draw an amazing cartoon or comic book styled Viking Warrior.

How To Draw a Fantasy Ranger
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon fantasy ranger.

How To Draw A Mermaid
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon mermaid.

Dragons and Fantasy
Dragons and Fantasy - a gallery of dragon and fantasy drawings and illustrations.

Drawing Faeries: A Believer's Guide
Drawing Faeries: A Believer's Guide - a review of Christopher Hart's drawing book, 'Drawing Faeries, A Believer's Guide.'

Dragon and Fantasy Drawing Books
Your guide's pick of dragon and fantasy drawing books - choose one for yourself or find the ideal present for a young fantasy artist.

Amy Brown Fairy Art Gallery
Be inspired by these lovely fairy art designs by Amy Brown. Beautiful compositions and fresh, delicate colors often showing Art Nouvea and Pre-Raphaelite influences.

Larry Elmore's Black and White Art
I'm not sure how female warriors manage to fight in their lingerie, but it seems de rigeur for fantasy women to wield their swords wearing as little as possible. Larry Elmore's pencil art is a must-see for fantasy fans - not suitable for children.

How to Draw Mermaids and Merfolk
A nice little tutorial on drawing mermaids and merfolk from Elfwood Fantasy Art Reseach Project - one of the best fantasy art sites on the net.

Draw a Gryphon
The Gryphon is a mythical creature, half eagle, half lion. This illustrated tutorial shows you how to use reference photos to create your own magical Gryphon (also spelled Griffin or Gryfin).

Illustrator - J.P. Targete
A gallery featuring renowned illustrator Jean Pierre Targete's science fiction and fantasy art. His work is highly sought after for its sophisticated feel and beautiful finish.

Medieval Castles
More an information source than a how-to-draw, this article points out some key features of European Medieval castles, with useful illustrations that will help you add a touch of realism to your castle drawing.

Draw a Unicorn and Other Fantasy Animals
J. L. Good's nice little tutorial which shows you how to put together a unicorn using photos as a reference. Click Home to find tutorials on other fantasy creatures.

Ancient Weaponry Images
Add some authentic historical detail to your drawings by checking these excellent reference photos of ancient weaponry and armor.

Fantasy Drawing
The many images in this guide to fantasy drawing take a little while to load, but it is well worth the wait.

How To Draw a Fantasy Elf
Follow along in this easy drawing tutorial as I show you how to draw a beautiful elf warrior in the fantasy genre. Easy, step by step drawing instructions help you to draw this beautiful elf.

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