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Draw Cars, Trains and Planes - Learn to Draw Transport

Learn to draw planes, trains and automobiles with this collection of transportation drawing links. Draw your favorite sports car of offroader, train engines and aeroplanes.

Video: Draw Racing Cars
A fun, easy-to-follow video shows you how to draw race cars using simple shapes. From illustrator Rachel Cox, for About.com

Adding Color to Your Car Sketch in Photoshop
Create a marker-like sketch effect with clean and eyecatching color with this tutorial by Allan Macdonald.

Draw a Chevy Impala
Learn how to draw this classic car, the Chevy Impala, with artist Michael Leonhard on Lowrider Arte magazine. Click the popup steps to see the full sized images. Begins with a complete sketch, so suits more advanced artists.

How to Draw Cars
Illustrator and Artist George Trosley shows you how to draw cars and trucks including a dragster, Chevy, off-roader, old car bodies, Corvettes and motorcycles in these 11 sample pages from his drawing book. Packed full of tips and great ideas.

Draw a Photorealist Car with Brian Duey
Photorealist artist Brian Duey shows you how he builds the tones a small section at a time, to create a highly realist tonal drawing of a car.

Draw a Car Using Vector Software
Not so much for youngsters, this excellent vector tutorial shows you how to create an amazing drawing of a car with using a program like Photoshop or Inkscape. There are a lot of steps, but it's surprisingly simple when broken down - and the results are impressive!

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