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Easy Animal Drawing for Children

Draw animals in easy steps for children. Have fun drawing favorite animals with these children's drawing lessons - draw a cat, dog, fish, frog and horse, penguin and elephant.

Draw a Cute Puppy Dog Cartoon
Learn how to draw a cute cartoon puppy dog following these easy steps. Drawn especially for About.com readers by cartoonist Steve Barr.

Draw a Fun Tropical Fish
Fish are such fun to draw, and are always popular with kids - especially since 'Finding Nemo'! This tropical fish uses very simple shapes, then kids can let their imagination run wild with color and texture.

Draw a Cute Tree Frog
This lesson shows you two ways to draw a tree frog - first a cute cartoon tree frog built with basic shapes, then a more realistic frog using a photograph as a reference.

Draw a Simple Horses Head
Follow the steps in this quick and easy tutorial to draw a horse's head. From your About.com guide to drawing/sketching.

Cute Penguin Cartoon
Kids who love Madagascar, Happy Feet, Club Penguin or VeggieTales will love drawing this cute penguin character. Follow the steps to create this classic cartoon style cute penguin.

Draw a Cartoon Shark
This cartoon shark is more silly than scary. He's cute and friendly and easy to draw.

Draw a Turtle
Draw a cute sea-turtle with this easy tutorial from your guide.

Draw a Cartoon Elephant
Older children will love drawing this cute Disney style elephant. This drawing lesson is a little more advanced but the clear steps make it easy to follow.

Draw a Bunny Rabbit Step by Step
Here's an easy, fun bunny rabbit drawing. Use simple shapes then add details to draw a realistic rabbit.

Draw a Dog Step by step
Drawing a dog's head is easy with this line-by-line illustrated tutorial from your guide.

Draw a Cat Step-by-Step
Draw a cute cat with this original step-by-step tutorial from your guide.

Learn How to Draw a Horse, Step by Step
A simple horse to draw, ideal for beginners.

How To Draw a Cartoon Sea Horse
Sea Horses are such beautiful creatures. Here's an easy step by step lesson to teach you how to draw a sea horse.

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