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Doodles and Doodling

Doodling is a kind of 'automatic drawing' that people do when they're otherwise occupied. Doodles are often regarded as having psychological interpretations. Here's some of the traditional meanings ascribed to doodled images, as well as an exploration of doodles turned into artworks. Have fun with doodle patterns and pictures as an art form that anyone can create.

Doodle Analysis and Interpretation
Discover the meaning and symbolism of doodles. Why people doodle, what the shapes mean and how to interpret doodle drawings and scribbles. Strictly for fun, it isn't scientific!

Doodle Symbolism - People, Faces and Features
meaning of people and face doodles - interpreting the meaning of doodle drawings and symbols in drawing - psychoanalysis of drawings of faces

The Meaning of Ladders
Possible meanings for the interpretation of ladder images and symbols in doodling, drawings and dreams.

Doodle Drawing - Flower Symbolism
Interpreting the meaning of flower doodle drawings and symbol analysis in drawing flowers.

Symbolism - Abstract and Random Shapes
Explore the meaning of abstract shapes, doodle drawings and symbol analysis in various random forms

Doodle Symbolism - Mark Making and Line Weight
Discover the meaning of marks and line weight (pen pressure) in doodle interpretation.

Symbolism - Geometric Shapes
Interpreting the meaning of geometric shapes, doodle drawings and symbol analysis in drawing circles and squares

Symbolism - Boxes and Three Dimensional Forms
Take a look at the meaning of three-d doodle drawings and 3D symbol analysis in drawing

Doodle Symbolism - Houses
Some ideas about the meaning and symbolism of houses in doodles and drawing.

Doodle Symbolism - Arrows
Take a look at the symbolic meaning of arrows in doodles, drawings and dreams.

Doodles and Zentangles
Questions about doodles and zentangles.

Where to Begin with Doodling
Where do you start with doodling? Anywhere? What if you want to make it more than a scribble in the margins? Here's some tips on getting started with doodling.

Formats for Doodles
Which is the best format to choose for doodling? Well there isn't one really, but there are many great choices. Here are some ideas to help you choose which one to use for your doodles.

Heart Symbols and Meaning
What do hearts mean as a symbol in art and drawing? Here is a look at some commonly used traditional heart symbols and their meaning and interpretation

What is a Mandala?
Mandalas are traditional symbolic art forms that have taken on new meaning in contemporary western use.

Geometric Spirals to Draw and Doodle
Trace, copy, draw or doodle using these spiral drawing designs.

Draw an Arrow through a Heart
Draw an arrow through a heart illustration.

How to Draw a Heart
Here's a handy trick to help you draw a symmetrical heart shape.

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