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Digital Manga and Anime - Tutorials on using Computer Graphics

Learn to use popular computer graphics software to draw and color your Manga and Anime drawings.

Getting Started Scanning - Introduction
Scanning is the first step in getting from pencil art to CGI masterpiece. Check out Graphics Software guide Sue Chastain's tutorial on scanning basics to get the best results from your scanner.

Rain Effects in Photoshop
A quick and easy Photoshop tutorial shows you how to create that rainy Tokyo day for your Manga cartoon.

Coloring Maga in Photoshop - Polycarbon
Learn to use layers in Photoshop to color your Manga drawing. The text is in graphic format, so you can't ajust the size, so its difficult to read, but good information nonetheless.

PaintShop Pro Chanel Manga Tutorial
An excellent step-by-step tutorial from Adam Harris on coloring your Manga line art in PaintShop Pro.

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