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Art Career and Business Guide

There are many ways into a creative career, from a part-time small business to a fully fledged vocation as an illustrator, cartoonist or a fine artist. Here you'll find business tips and career information to help you on your way.
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Scientific Illustrator
Scientific Illustration is a career that requires skill in detailed realist drawing. Depending on their specialization, scientific illustrators must be able to communicate information through their image

Art Careers: Forensic Artist
Forensic art is a career that combines creative skills with people skills. If you're fascinated by crime shows like CSI, Numbers and Without a Trace, but don't want your creative skills to go to waste, police or forensic artist may be the career for you. Information on the aptitude, training and career opportunities working in forensic art.

Art Career Kick-Start: A 10-Point Plan to launch your art career
Art Career Kick-Start - stop procrastinating and get your art career going. This 10-point plan will help you make the step up from amateur to professional. Art careers don't just happen by themselves!

Choosing a Visual Art Career
Thinking about a career in the visual arts? There are many avenues to follow, some of which you might not have considered. Here are some points to consider when making your choice.

The Dominique Segan Prize - Drawing Skills on Display?
The Dominique Segan Drawing Prize is one of Australia's premier drawing competitions, but as a snapshot of the drawing ability of contemporary artists, it raises an alarming question. Is drawing a dying art? And what is wrong with art school?

Work at Home Artist - Productivity Tips
Working from home as a fine artist or freelancer can take a lot of discipline. Here are my top tips for staying sane and being successful as a work-from-home creative.

Art Blogging
What are the benefits of blogging for a fine artist? Is it worth your time?

Why Not to Write a Blog
Are you thinking of keeping a blog? For some people they are a great idea but for some they are a creative and professional disaster area. Here are five reasons to reconsider writing a blog.

Artist Trust
The Washington State Artist's Trust has extensive resources, much of it applicable to artists in any location as well as in the USA, on making a living in the arts. Find advice on contracts and careers as well as state-specific legal information.

The Longhouse - UK Arts
The Longhouse is a project supported by the Arts Council of the UK and based in West Bromwich, supporting communities and artists.

Artist Careers Research
The Australia Council is the arts 'peak body' in Australia and provides a wide variety of resources for artists. This page takes a look at the reality of the art business in Australia, with further resources just a click away on their extensive site.

Arts Law Centre of Australia
An extensive list of links from the Arts Law Centre of Australia, connecting Australian artists to legal representation and information, services, copyright and fair use information, Department of Fair Trading and State departments relevant to the practice and business of Art.

Ontario - Legal and copyright Information
From the Ontario Ministry for Tourism, Culture and Sport, legal information including intellectual property rights, copyright and Legal Aid.

Occupational Outlook from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Occupational Outlook Handbook takes a by-the-numbers look at arts careers in the USA. Get data on employment rates and payscales for a realistic view of careers in art.

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