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Van Gogh Drawing Wallpaper


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Van Gogh Starry Night iPad3 Wallpaper
Van Gogh Starry Night Wallpaper

Starry Night, study in Ink,

Van Gogh, Creative Commons
Drawing is the most immediate and fundamental of creative means. It's direct, intense, without the interference of brushes and solvents, without fuss and preparation, it's marks on paper, the artist's hand at work. The monumental task of expressing oneself through art at times is almost overwhelming for visionary artists, so I find this quote from van Gogh particularly poignant.

What is drawing? It is working oneself through an invisible iron wall that seems to stand between what one feels and what one can do. - Vincent van Gogh, The Letters of Vincent van Gogh to His Brother

Image: La nuit étoilée or 'The Starry Night as known in English, a study for the well-known painting of Saint-Rémy under a swirling sky. The dramatic cypress tree was not actually present at the site, but was added by van Gogh for the sake of composition and expression. I've seen a story that this was inspired by a nasty encounter with some boys who threw stones; Vincent was going to paint the town and trees on fire, but then thought better of it and changed it into a poplar. (Though still, the Poplar is supposedly a symbol of death.) I haven't found a source for the story yet, so I don't know if it is true. Expressive trees were favorite themes in his work as you can see in this view of the village with poplars.

Vincent wrote in a letter: "At last I have a landscape with olive trees, and also a new study of a starry sky. ... It’s not a return to the romantic or to religious ideas, no. However, by going the way of Delacroix, more than it seems, by color and a more determined drawing than trompe-l’oeil precision, one might express a country nature that is purer than the suburbs, the bars of Paris.

Saving the Wallpaper
To save the wallpaper, click on the image above to see the full-sized version. Not sure how to save an image on your iPad? find a tutorial here. This picture on this page is at 1024x1024 pixels, designed to look good on the iPad at horizontal or vertical orientation. Because the available images of this drawing are low resolution, the resolution of the wallpaper is not high.

More on France

Find out more about Van Gogh's world by learning about Provence and some of its cultural traditions.

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