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Inspiration - How to Be Creative

What is it to be an artist? How can you discover - or rediscover - your creative impulse? What resources can support your creativity? Here you'll find articles about creativity and being an artist, and inspirational and motivational quotes and images for artists.

Quotes About Art and Drawing
Stand on the shoulders of giants, and be inspired by these quotes about art and drawing. This collection has quote about the importance of practice, drawing for painting, and technique.

Mood and Vision Board
Find out how to create a vision board or inspiration board to help you capture and communicate your creative intent.

Get Creative With Collage
Sketching can be a great way to develop ideas, but sometimes you want to get a lot of color or detail onto the paper to test out a composition. Collage is the answer. It can also allow you to experiment with inspiring source material before you spend a lot of time and effort on developing the piece.

How to Be A Famous Artist
How do I get to be a famous, successful artist? Do I have to go to art school? What if I don't have any talent? Here's the low down on achieving fame in the art world.

Why Make Art?
Why do we make art? It doesn't save lives, help sick people or end wars. Isn't there better things to do with our time? Why do people bother with making art?

What Is Art to You?
What does 'art' mean to you? It's amazing how differently we feel about this topic that we love. Share your ideas about what 'art' really means.

Creative Simplicity
Modern life can be full of noise and clutter. For some, it's invigorating - for others, mentally exhausting. Is simplicity a better way for you?

Beyond Left and Right Brain
Isn't it time we ditched the whole left-brain logic, right-brain creative notion? It's outmoded and doing more harm than good. Think past this dated model and find your true creative potential.

What Do Artists Do
What do artists actually do? Mostly the seem to swan about at exhibition openings and coffee shops looking very hipster and saying deep and meaningful things. Or do they? Find out what an artist's life is really about.

What Do You Call Yourself?
Do you call yourself an artist, illustrator or designer? Or perhaps a printmaker, cartoonist or animator? Do the 'titles' we attach to the arts and art skills limit you?

Art, Drawing and the Tyranny of the Medium
Are you being defined by your medium? Limited by your art major? Perhaps you define yourself as a painter, pastellist, cartoonist or digital artist? Many of us focus on a single medium, and can find ourselves subconciously defined by it, discarding ideas before they are even fully formed, because they don't fit our usual way of working.

Van Gogh Drawing Wallpaper
Get inspired on a daily basis with an image and quote from Vincent van Gogh. Unique inspirational and motivational wallpapers for artists and art lovers

Doodle Analysis
Doodling and drawing have a lot in common, so much that it's often hard to tell the difference. Some people interpret doodles the way they do dreams or tea-leaves, while others see them more as small symbolic works of art. Find out more about doodle interpretation and meaning.

Leonardo da Vinci Horse Wallpaper
Inspirational computer desktop wallpaper with horse drawings by Leonardo da Vinci and a quote about art.

Inspiration Quotes on Art and Drawing
Inspirational and motivational quotes from famous artists and writers about art and the creative process.

Art Work and Career Quotations
Motivational quotes to remind you about the need for persistence and hard work. Words of wisdom from artists, writers and an astronaut.

How to Title Art
How to you you choose a title for your art? What you title your drawing or painting tells your viewer how to approach the piece. Here are some tips on how to name your artwork, drawing or painting.

Find Your Voice
How do you find your creative voice as an artist? It's very easy for artists to lose their way, especially in our hyperconnected world. What is special about your voice? How do you know what you want to say? Let's explore some ways.

How I Found My Voice
Are you trying to find your voice as an artist, or have you already found it? Readers share their stories about the search for authenticity.

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