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The Colored Pencil - Bet Borgeson

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The Colored Pencil

The Colored Pencil by Bet Borgeson

Watson Guptill / Bet Borgeson

The Bottom Line

Whether you are just starting out in colored pencil, or need to explore and develop your technique, this book has the goods.
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  • explains color theory and mixing as applied to colored pencil
  • covers basic strokes in detail
  • explores advanced and experimental techniques
  • range of work by various artists


  • none that I can think of


  • Published by Watson-Guptill
  • ISBN 0-8230-0749-9
  • Paperback 11 x 8.3 inches, 144 Pages

Guide Review - The Colored Pencil - Bet Borgeson

Bet Borgeson is both a talented artist and an excellent teacher, who explains color and technique in a clear and logical way. The book is packed with with illustrations, including close-up details and in-progress examples, as well as finished art. Bet takes an in-depth look at the characteristicsl and handling of the colored pencil, and explains the materials in detail. The full range of colored pencil technique is covered, including the use of line (often neglected in colored pencil books), through creating tone and value, layering, and extended techniques such as frisket film, impressed line and coloreless blenders.

Probably the most important feature of 'The Colored Pencil' is this stripped-down approach to technique - each element is discussed and demonstrated with purpose-drawn illustrations so that you can see precisely how it works and learn to create the same effects yourself.

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