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Colored Pencil Crosshatching
colored pencil crosshatching

Colored pencil crosshatching.

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Crosshatching is basically two layers of hatching drawn at right-angles. This is a very useful technique in colored pencil drawing. You can use crosshatching to create a darker area within a layer of hatching, or to create a visual blending effect of two different colors.

You can also create interesting textured effects by adding the second layer at just a slight angle, or by layering sections in at random angles. Again, these examples are zoomed in so that you can see the lines and effects clearly.

As always, practice makes perfect with crosshatching. Experiment with lineweight (how hard you press the pencil), spacing, sharpness and color. See how it looks when you use just a couple of layers, compared to multiple layers. Experiment with usign the light or dark tones first. By trying things out on spare paper (a failed drawing on good paper is ideal for this), you'll have the confidence to use these more interesting techniques in your final work.

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