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Colored Pencil Techniques - Cat Drawing in Colored Pencil


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Using Masking Fluid
Colored Pencil Techniques - Cat Drawing in Colored Pencil
Janet Griffin-Scott, licensed to About.com, Inc.
It is hard to see in the photos I took but before I began the cat drawing I masked out the whiskers with Windsor Newton masking fluid which was painted on with a #1 brush. This was to cover the areas that are going to be the white whiskers of the cat so that the drawing can progress and these areas can be kept spotlessly white. When the face is almost 80% completed, then I remove the masking fluid easily with a vinyl eraser. A kneaded eraser also works for this purpose. Some of the surrounding drawing can be removed by this procedure, so I draw those areas back in after the fluid is completely gone. I used the extreme cut edge of the eraser and removed the paper label so that the clean edges showed, to get very thin areas to be removed.
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