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Colored Pencil Drawing

Colored pencil resources, including tutorials and galleries.

Draw Christmas Holly
Create your own Christmas cards or holiday decoration, or just celebrate with a seasonal sketch, drawing red and green Holly in watercolor pencil.

Colored Pencil Basics
Colored pencil needn't be wishy-washy. Move beyond bland shading with this drawing lesson on basic pencil strokes, including hatching, scumbling and burnishing. Read on for hands-on colored pencil exercises!

Colored Pencil Drawing Tips
Colored Pencil drawing tips - improve your colored pencil drawing technique with these quick and easy colored pencil tips from your guide.

Learn Colored Pencil Techniques
Learn how to draw with colored pencil. Learn coloured pencil techniques including blending and layering to enhance your drawing. Learn how to shade, blend and layer colored pencil.

Drawing Shiny Metal in Colored Pencil
A short illustrated tutorial on drawing shiny objects in colored pencil. Be sure to click on the picture to see the next steps in the example.

Colored Pencil Techniques - Cat Drawing in Colored Pencil
Take a look at the colored pencil tricks and techniques used in the step-by-step cat tutorial, with equine and wildlife artist Janet Griffin-Scott.

Working Techniques for Better Colored Pencil Drawings
Equine and wildlife artist Janet Griffin-Scott shares her working process with six useful tips in this colored pencil drawing lesson.

Bet Borgeson Interview: A Passion for Colored Pencil
Bet Borgeson took time out from her busy schedule to share her thoughts on why the colored pencil medium is so absorbing. Read her insightful comments on this under-rated medium and you'll be reaching for your pencil case, too!

Hands-On exercises with Bet Borgeson
Among the other useful resources on Bet Borgeson's excellent website are these thought-provoking, challenging and fun colored pencil exercises. Look at color and space, depth, gesture, shadow and mark-making.

Nature Drawings by Marie-Anne Cristen
Marie-Anne Cristen's site is in French, but don't be deterred - her delicate characterisation of woodland creatures are just delightful!

Ann Kullberg
Ann Kullberg is a highly respected colored pencil artist and teacher. Here you can view a sample of her online magazine, with tips, a tutorial and a very interesting critique.

Colored Pencil Society of America
A useful site including calendars of events, exhibitions and many excellent reference pages on materials. Also featuring an extensive bibliography of coloured pencil articles from various media.

United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society
All the usual great features of a society website, including member web pages, local events, chat group and 'Teachers Corner' tutorials. Of interest to artists from other countries too!

Flowers in Colored Pencil
Kristy Ann Kutch explains each step as she creates a colored pencil drawing of a flower. The close-cropped framing works well too - go on, try it!

Cats in Colored Pencil
A delightful gallery of our favourite felines beautifully portrayed in colored pencil.

Realistic Portrait Drawing - Howard David Johnson
Get some tips on realistic portrait drawing from illustrator Howard David Johnson. With loads of big images, this page takes a while to load, and the dense text can be hard to read, but its well worth it for the insight into the artist's technique. Especially note the use of contoured hatching to model the form, and scratched-line - sgraffito - for white hairs.

Drawing Fire and Flames
Draw fire, flame, fires and candles. A step-by-step tutorial on how to draw flame using line or colour, with some tips to think about when drawing candles, fire or flames.

Color - What is Color?
What is Color? Find out a dictionary definition for color and learn about what this means for the artist. Is color real or is it in our imagination? How do you use color in drawing?

Draw Shiny Surfaces in Colored Pencil
Drawing metals like steel, silver and copper is easier than you think. You just have to trust your eyes, draw what you see, and keep your pencils sharp. This simple one-page step by step lesson shows you how it's done.

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