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Charcoal Drawing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Drawing with Charcoal


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  • With most art materials, there is no one 'right or wrong' way to use it, but a selection of approaches which may suit your way of working. This might not seem helpful when you are starting out and want some simple answers, but often the best way is to experiment to find which method suits you best. Here are some of the questions that people have asked about drawing with charcoal. Click the question to read the answer.

    Which type of drawing charcoal should I use?
    See some different types of charcoal that you can use for drawing and learn about their different properties.

    Which type of drawing paper should I use for charcoal
    Depending on your style, there are many choices for charcoal drawing. Take a look at some popular options.

    Should I fix my charcoal drawing?
    The short answer is yes, but it's more complicated than that, so read the article for more information.

    What can I draw with charcoal?
    Short answer: anything! But I've got some more suggestions to help you.

    Is drawing charcoal toxic?
    Short answer: not really, but I wouldn't eat it. Click the question link for more.

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