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Draw With Charcoal and Conte

Learn to draw with charcoal and conte. This versatile medium isn't just for life drawing. You can use charcoal for detailed tonal studies and large expressive works, with rich blacks and subtle tonal values.

Charcoal Drawing FAQ
Charcoal Drawing FAQ - frequently asked questions about how to draw with charcoal and conte

Charcoal Drawing - Love it or Hate it?
Did you spend horrible hours at art school making a mess with charcoal? Or is it your favorite medium, giving you luscious, mysterious dark tones? Share your experiences of this deceptively simple drawing medium.

Charcoal Drawing Exercise - Soft Volume
charcoal drawing exercise

Which type of drawing charcoal should I use?
There are many varieties of charcoal on sale - it gets pretty confusing. So which sort of charcoal should I use for drawing and sketching? Should I buy pencils or compressed or willow charcoal?

Top 10 Papers for Charcoal
Choosing the right paper for charcoal drawing is important, as you need a good tooth to hold the charcoal particles. Here are my top picks of paper for charcoal drawing.

How to Apply Spray Fixative
The dry particles of a charcoal drawing really need to be fixed - coated with a fine spray laquer - to stop the drawing from gradually disappearing. Find out the right way to apply spray fixative.

Charcoal Top Picks - Choose Charcoal for Drawing
Your guide's pick of the best willow, vine, compressed stick and pencil charcoals. Oh, and it comes in powdered form as well.... which sort of charcoal should you get? don't worry, this page will help you choose.

Is Drawing Charcoal Toxic?
Charcoal is very dusty and it gets everywhere when I draw. Is charcoal dust toxic? Do I need to take safety precautions?

What can I draw with charcoal?
Its so soft and smudgy, with the slightest touch you get a thick, dark line. What on earth can you draw with this charcoal stuff? Find out here!

Charcoal Drawing: Do I have to fix my charcoal drawing?
Do you have to fix a charcoal drawing?

Ian Naylor Charcoal Drawings
British artist Ian Naylor has some top notch charcoal and other media drawings in this small gallery - dynamic and technically excellent. Parental guidance: some adult concepts in the texts, and nude figures.

Drawing with Charcoal
A rather long article about the pros and cons of charcoal as a medium, how it differs from graphite pencil, how to use it, and some useful tips.

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