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Celebrity Drawings - Drawings of Celebrities

Celebrity drawings by beginners, amateurs and experts, with portraits of Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera and others. View galleries of celebrity drawings and get ideas for your own portrait drawings.
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Celebrity Portrait Drawing Gallery
Celebrity Portrait Drawing Gallery - your drawings and sketches of your favorite celebrities - actors, singers....

Portrait of Madonna
Portrait of Madonna by D Konwar.Includes guide critique.

Jennifer Lopez - JLo
This portrait of Jennifer Lopez - 'JLo' - is really well done, with contoured hatching used to model Jennifer Lopez's beautiful bone structure.

Portrait of Bono from U2
This drawing of singer Bono from the band U2 is a strong, confident drawing with good range of tonal value.

Jessica Alba Portrait Drawing
This portrait of Jessica Alba uses a light key to draw attention to the 'Dark Angel' actor's astounding eyes. Artist Jessica Slinger handles the white clothing beautifully.

Brad Pitt Drawings
Brad Pitt pictures on 'Topics 4 U' has three pages of drawings of gorgeous actor Brad Pitt. Artists aren't named, but Brad Pitt fans will enjoy the 30-odd drawings in various mediums. NB the site has advertising material unsuitable for children.

Paris Hilton Sketch
Artist Zindy Zone created this sketch of celebrity Paris Hilton after watching 'The Simple Life'. Note the use of contoured hatching to help model Paris' face.

Paris Hilton Portrait
This accomplished portrait drawing of Paris Hilton gives the socialite model an air of serene beauty.

Christina Aguilera Drawings - Zindy Zone
Christina Aguilera is a favorite subject of artist Zindy Zone, with 28 images of Christina Aguilera featured in this gallery, with a range of mediums including pencil and color drawings. Some of these are really beautiful.

50Cent - A Drawing of Rapper 50 Cent
This drawing of rapper '50 Cent'is by Zindy Zone. The portrait is quite striking, and she does a great job of 50Cent's skin tones, though I'm not keen on the photoshop background.

Britney Spears Drawings
Zindy Zone's drawings of Britney Spears cover several years and a range of styles, from soft, smoky charcoal drawings to crisp pencil drawings with a 'graphic' feel.

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