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Draw Superheroes in Classic Marvell or DC Style

Get Creative Drawing Super Hero Comic Book Characters


You can draw superheroes like the pros! From Superman to the Green Lantern, Avengers to X-Men, we love drawing the dynamic, exciting, larger than life superheroes from our comic book favorites. These lessons take you step by step through drawing a classic comic book super hero character. Here is a selection of fantastic Marvell and DC Style comic book heroes that you can draw - copy them or use them to create your own, unique super hero character.

1. Draw an Old School Flying Superhero

drawing a superhero

When I was a kid, animation was hand-drawn, the heroes were 2D, and the humor was lame but clean. Here's an traditional flying caped crusader superhero. He'll warm the hearts of Roger Ramjet fans with his old school square jaw and totally inadequate disguise. This lesson uses dramatically exaggerated perspective to create a dynamic look, so don't try too hard to draw "in proportion" - follow Shawn's shapes and you'll get it right. Go to the lesson

2. Draw an Athletic Super Hero

draw a superhero
S. Encarnacion, licensed to About.com, Inc.

This superhero has an eight-pack and guns of steel - an athletic, action-hero character who'll kick your infectious zombies and rogue robots to the kerb! With the exaggerated musculature of a typical super-athletic hero, you'll want to make sure you pay attention to proportion with this drawing lesson, so that he looks like an action man and not an action figure. Check it out

3. Draw a Girl Super Spy

What is it about spy girls? From the gauche Harriet the Spy to the delicate-yet-tough Sydney Bristow in Alias, they are ever popular. I think my personal favorite is Emma Peel... but I must be getting old! But luckily Shawn is up with the times and has created a totally modern spy to inspire your creativity. Go draw the spy girl.

4. Draw a Super Heroine

drawing a superhero
S. Encarnacion, licensed to About.com, Inc.

This powerful super woman springs upward, muscles tensed, gathering her powers. In true comic book style she combines a muscular physique with some rather obvious feminine attributes. Again this pose has some tricky elements to draw, particularly with the foreshortened knee, so take your time and follow Shawn's steps. These, and the clenched fists, can look a little odd when you start drawing them, but when you complete the shapes, they make sense. Go to the tutorial.

5. Draw a Classic Superhero

drawing a superhero
S. Encarnacion

This hero is a comic book classic with a tall, heroic figure, with sculpted muscles and an fluid, dynamic pose - he could be leaping through the clouds or leaping into action, holding back the forces of evil. He looks difficult to draw, but tackle the drawing one step at a time and you can create an excellent result. Go to the lesson

6. Draw a Super Girl

how to draw a superhero girl
S. Encarnacion

This is one of my favorites among Shawn's superhero creations.  I love the strong, confident pose. With dark skin and a dramatic purple outfit, she looks ready to beat the bad guys with style. As always, the foreshortened elements - the hand coming towards the viewer - and the details like finger shapes - can be a little bit tricky. It's a good idea to observe the relationships of various parts of the drawing - comparing the size of head and hand, for instance - and where things are in relation to each other (for example, that the thumb is level with the chin) to help line things up. Draw a Super Girl

7. A Girl With Super Powers

draw a superhero girl
S. Encarnacion

When it's your job to save the world, superpowers can come in handy. This gorgeous super girl has a cool look and an energy field at her fingertips - I think she might be about to put some evil genius on ice.... or in it! Drawing this ice maiden will be a little bit more challenging - the sensuous 1960's style emphasises the hips and uses a 'contraposto' pose to create a slinky look. Try to keep your line smooth and sleek for best results.Go to the lesson pages.

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