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Draw a Cartoon Wise Guy


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The Wise Guy Cartoon Character Archetype
Draw a Cartoon Wise Guy
S. Encarnacion, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Wise guys are always a favorite type of hero in cartoons. Bugs Bunny is this type of character. These guys aren't too big on muscles, but they make up for it with brains. He's a little bit like the cute character, but a little taller. This will make him seem just a little bit older or more experienced, which means he's gotten his smarts by being around a little while.

To push the point, I'm going to make our smart guy an ant. He may be small, but he's got what it takes to win the day.

Start off drawing an oval for his head. He's about three heads high. Add a tilted oval body, two ovals for feet, and some circles for chest and hands. Join them up with sticks for neck, legs and arms. Oh, and since he's an ant, you'd better add some antennae.

Copyright note: This tutorial and all drawings are copyright of Shawn Encarnacion and licensed for exclusive use to About.com, Inc. You may not publish any part of this tutorial in any form.

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