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Draw a Girl Superhero - Draw the Outline
Draw a Girl - Draw a Super Girl Character
Shawn Encarnacion, licensed to About.com, Inc.
This super girl or super woman has a strong, powerful, sporty look. Flowing hair adds movement and a dynamic feel to the pose. You can adjust the details to suit the kind of character you want to draw. The classic heroic type has very long legs and exaggerated muscles, and it's no different with a female character. The anatomy of this woman, though exaggerated, is still based on real anatomy - you'll notice that she actually has a ribcage! Studying realistic anatomy will help you make your characters more convincing. Too often artists will get the collarbone structure all wrong, or do ribs that look like they've been strangled by a corset. Let your supergirl look like she can actually leap a tall building!
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