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Draw a Goofy Cartoon Dragon


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The Goofy Guy Cartoon Character Archetype
Draw a Goofy Cartoon Dragon
S. Encarnacion, licensed to About.com, Inc.
These goofy guys have looked very similar since the first goofy guy came onto the screen - Walt Disney's 'Goofy' of course! In this tutorial we are going to draw a goofy cartoon dragon.

Here's how we take a terrible, flame breathing dragon, and tame him into a bumbling buffoon.

To create a character that fits the funny 'goofy guy' archetype, he will need a little head and a long neck, with his chest sunk in, and his waist lazily jutting out. This shows he isn't big on brains, and his pose shows he's too lazy to be much of a threat.

Begin by drawing the above figure, about five heads tall. Start with the tummy circle, then add an overlapping, slightly smaller circle for his chest, tilted to the left. Then draw the circle for the head, up and to the right a bit. Add big ovals for feet, small circles for hands, and join them all with sticks as shown. This is your basic framework.

Although this tutorial is a dragon, you could easily use these basic principles to create a cartoon person or a different animal.

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