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Draw a Leprechaun - How to Draw an Irish Leprechaun
A leprechaun drawing for clipart or craft

Draw a Leprechaun cartoon for St Patrick's Day.

Shawn Encarnacion, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Here's a fun Irish Leprechaun to draw for St. Patrick's day, by guest artist Shawn Encarnacion. A Leprechaun is an Irish fairy - one of the 'little people' who takes the form of a little old man. Rumour has it that if you catch a leprechaun, you can make him tell you where he hides his treasure - but don't take your eyes off him for a moment, or he'll disappear into thin air!

This looks like a very complicated drawing, but Shawn breaks it down into very easy shapes. Even if you have no drawing ability at all, you'll be able to create a very good Leprechaun following this step by step drawing tutorial, so grab your pencil or drawing tablet and let's get started!

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