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Draw a Jolly Santa Claus Picture


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How to Draw a Cartoon Santa
start drawing Santa with a big circle

Start your Santa Claus with a big circle.

S. Encarnacion, licensed to About.com, Inc.
You can draw Santa! In this step by step tutorial we are going to draw a cartoon of traditional jolly Santa Claus with a sack over his shoulder. He looks difficult, but if you follow one step at a time and copy each line carefully, you'll have a great looking Santa Claus. You can trace a circle to get started if you like - or if you're really not confident about your drawing ability, print and trace the complete line drawing example.

To begin your cartoon Santa drawing, draw a really big circle. Then, draw a little circle so that the big circle overlaps its middle. Add two eyes and a little round nose on the line where the circles connect.

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