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Dinosaur Art - Draw a Stegosaurus Dinosaur Picture
Dinosaur Art - Stegosaurus Dinosaur Picture

Dinosaur Art - Stegosaurus Dinosaur Picture

S. Encarnacion, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Here is a picture of the Stegosaurus dinosaur we are going to draw in this lesson. This is a cute kid-friendly dinosaur. You can follow along with the tutorial copying each step to draw your own Stegosaurus dinosaur picture, or you can print and trace the final version, or even use the final colored picture to create wallpaper or clipart - for your personal use only, not to be published or used commercially.

Each new step of the tutorial is drawn with red lines so you can see what to do next. Remember to draw lightly at first so that you can easily make any corrections. If you need a larger picture to view, click on the picture to see the full sized image.

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