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How To Draw a Fashion Model’s Outfit


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How To Draw a Fashion Model’s Outfit
How To Draw a Fashion Model’s Outfit

How To Draw a Fashion Model’s Outfit

Shawn Encarnacion

In the previous lesson that you can find here - Draw a Fashion Model Paper Doll, I showed how to draw this fashion model. Drawing the fashion figure meant quite a few steps, but it isn't hard if you take your time. In this second stage, I will show you how to draw a very simple outfit for her in just a few very easy steps. I'll start where the last lesson left off.

The outfit we'll draw for her first up is a warm winter dress with leggings and boots - classic fashion that never goes out of style. You'll learn how to use lines to draw the folds that show draped fabric. Most of the outfit is fitted and follows the figure closely, so it's a simple matter of adding some detail. Remember, you can click on the image to see the full sized picture in your browser, to save or print.

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