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Cute Penguin Cartoon


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Cute Penguin Cartoon
Cute Penguin Cartoon
S. Encarnacion, licensed to About.com, Inc.
'Cute' and 'cuddly' was the kind of character I was asked to design when creating this penguin, as well as "simple" and easy for others to draw. Penguins come in simple shapes, so that helps.

We're going to make our penguin with a 'jelly bean' body because a jelly bean is made up of no angles, just soft curves. To help you see the "bottom-heavy" nature of a jelly bean, I have drawn a straight-forward one, showing that the 'circular' top is smaller than the bottom. But our penguin is going to have some weight to him, and to show that, we are going to shift the bottom and the top of the jelly bean in opposite directions.

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