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Draw Cute Cartoon Characters - How to Draw a Cute Boy, Girl or Animal


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The Cute Cartoon Character Boy or Girl
draw a cute cartoon character
S. Encarnacion, licensed to About.com, Inc.
In this tutorial, we will be drawing a cute cartoon boy or girl (or a cute 'talking animal' type of character). You can keep the character very neutral, or use styles of hair and clothing to make the gender more obvious.

In this cartoon drawing lesson we are going to use the cute character 'archetype'. In cartooning, "archetypes" help us to communicate ideas about different types of characters. An archetype is a way to describe something universally accepted. While the details vary, you'll recognize this general type of character from many cartoons, from Charlie Brown to Atom Ant, from Felix the Cat to the Smurfs.

The body for a cute character will be basically the same, even when the characters are different. This universal body shape often includes big heads, with small bodies and arms, and legs.

Certain character types will be less similar between genders, but because the cute character takes its features from children's features, these characters are quite similar regardless of gender. They represent a time in life before the body fully matures into an adult or adolescent form, and thus gives it the "cute" appearance. So as you will see, you can use these basic principles to create a boy, girl or animal characters. So click through to the next page and let's get started!

Copyright note: This tutorial and all drawings are copyright of Shawn Encarnacion and licensed for exclusive use to About.com, Inc. You may not publish any part of this tutorial in any form.

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