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Draw a Cartoon Tough Guy


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Draw a Cartoon Tough Guy
draw a cartoon tough guy muscle man

a classic cartoon muscle man

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In this lesson, we are going to draw a classic cartoon thug - the bad-guy sidekick, bodyguard, bully or even circus muscleman, not very bright but he can lift heavy things!

In some ways this tough guy character is a stereotype, but in cartooning, it's really a very basic kind of "archetype". These archetypes help us to communicate ideas about different types of characters in a simple way, by using styles and symbols that everyone is familar with. An archetype is a way to describe something universally accepted in a quick and easy way. The reader doesn't need a lot of 'backstory' about this individual character to know what he or she is like.

The archetype body for a cartoon tough guy or muscle man will be basically the same, even when the characters are different. This usually includes big chests and arms, and spindly legs. The small legs really just help to emphasis how big the chest and arms are.

The tough guy type of character's head is kind of small, but the hands are kind of big, and the hand is usually the same size as the head.

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