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Draw a Beach Babe - Beautiful Girl Cartoon
draw a beautiful cartoon girl superhero character
S. Encarnacion, licensed to About.com, Inc.
This beautiful gal is the same as a female superhero, but I am putting her into a beach babe bikini to show how to draw her physique. Add a cape and some tights and you have a heroine. With a bit of creativity she can become all kinds of characters - add a business suit and briefcase, or a cheerleader's outfit and pom-pom.

The head, chest and waist circles are nearly the same size. The face of this cartoon girl will be a bit more complexly shaped than our other simplified characters - the price we pay for beauty!

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Copyright note: This tutorial and all drawings are copyright of Shawn Encarnacion and licensed for exclusive use to About.com, Inc. You may not publish any part of this tutorial in any form.

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