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Shawn Encarnacion

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S. Encarnacion
Shawn Encarnacion is a contributing guest artist for Drawing/Sketching, creating unique cartoon character tutorials. Shawn's irreverent humor is also apparent in the biography he provided!

Biography: Shawn Encarnacion

Shawn spends the majority of his weekdays watching Spongebob in his robe while drawing funny little pictures for people who like them enough to pay for them. Which is ironic, because most of his teachers in school told him that would be scientifically impossible. And they were even science teachers! He and his wife Amber live in Kansas, USA with their Cocker Spaniel, Daws. So far, Shawn has gotten away with this for a few years now.

You can see more of Shawn's work at his website, Shawn's Portfolio.

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