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The fine art of calligraphy is closer in some ways to drawing than to writing, as the calligrapher draws each letterform with care. Here are your guide's pick of calligraphy links from around the web, including alphabets and illumination.

Calligraphy Tip - Cleaning Pens
For good results in calligraphy, its essential to have clean pens. Clean your pen after use to prevent dried ink clogging the nib.

Beginners Calligraphy Tip
beginners calligraphy tip - forming basic letter shapes

Calligraphy Lesson - The Uncial Hand
The Uncial hand is usually the first script learned by beginner calligraphers. Thes printable lesson pages include an example alphabet with penstroke directions, a practice page to trace over and a guideline page.

Cutting Feather Quill Pens
An extensive, detailed and well illustrated page - everything you need to know about cutting quills.

Cutting a Quill Pen
Learn how to make your own quill pen by following the step-by-step instructions on this fascinating site devoted to Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Norman and British living history.

English Alphabet in Arabic Style
This page is a lettering chart, with pen-stroke diagrams, of an beautiful and unusual Arabic-style rendering of the English alphabet.

The Italic Hand - Example
An exemplary copy of the Italic calligraphy hand.

The Alphabet Synthesis Machine
Create your own unique alphabet with this fun online 'machine' which creates a downloable font. For writing that looks like writing but nobody can actually read! Careful, you could waste hours playing with this programme!

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