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Drawing With Computers

Find out how to get creative with your computer, drawing tablet, mobile device or even phone. Once drawing tablets were the domain of commercial artists, but affordable mobile technology and Wacom tablets have made these wonderful tools more accessible. Get the most out of your device with these tips and software reviews.
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Best Free Android Drawing Art Apps
Even though free Android apps don't cost you any money, nobody wants to waste time and bandwidth on a bad app. Here is my selection of Android drawing and art applications that have a permanent place on my drawing tablet.

Drawing Apps For Android - What You Need to Know
Buyer Beware is useful advice when you're installing software, even if you're not handing over any cash. Here are a few caveats to be aware of before you install free drawing applications on your Android Tablet or phone.

Top 10 Art Software Programs
Graphics Software guide Sue Chastain picks 10 of the best art-oriented computer graphics programs, including links to reviews and publishers sites, with several freeware programs to try.

Basic Facts on Scanners
If you're going to be doing an online drawing course, want to share or even sell your artwork online, or want to make copies of fragile pieces, you'll need a scanner. Printer/Scanner guide Barbara Krasnoff explains the basics.

Affordable Drawing Software - Zoner Draw 4
Zoner Draw 4 is a powerful, affordable drawing software package, and you can download the previous version to try for yourself. This short review links to a detailed 'full review' which includes screenshots and examples of the software in use.

Vector and Bitmap Images - Drawing Software Basics
If you are buying or learning to use drawing software, you'll first need to understand the difference between vector and raster images. Graphics Software guide Sue Chastain makes it easy to understand.

Adobe Illustrator 10 Review
Adobe Illustrator is industry standard vector graphics software. This review covers some of the exciting new features of Illustrator 10, including better integration with other design software, symbol handling, image slicing, warping, and the nifty Flare tool.

Free Photo Editors for Windows - Top Picks
Can't afford to buy a photo editor? Check out Sue Chastain's top picks of the free photo editing software available to download.

Draw Your Own Desktop Icons
Create your own 3-D computer desktop icons following this easy guide. Includes a color palette so you can give your icons windows-friendly colors.

Tips for CorelDraw and Corel Xara
Some cool tips from Laurie McCanna for Corel Draw and Xara. My favorite is 'create the world in 60 seconds' - a great tip for creating a little globe-in-space effect.

Photoshop - Rendering a Car, Side View
Harald Belker takes you through the process of creating the side view of a car design rendering in photoshop. An excellent, clear tutorial that takes the mystery out of the process, though assuming that you already understand the basics of tool selection etc.

Corel Draw and Paint Shortcuts
Click 'n Learn's collection of handy keyboard and mousing shortcuts and tricks for Corel Draw and Corel Paint. Speed up your image editing time by taking a few minutes to learn a some of these shortcuts.

Drawing Programs and Art Software
There's plenty of good photo editing software around, but what about software for creating art and drawing from scratch - without breaking the bank? Here are a few of my personal favorites

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