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Art School - Drawing, Art School and College

Drawing is the cornerstone of art education whether or not it is your primary medium. Here you'll find tips on choosing and surviving art school and getting the most out of your drawing studies.
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Should I Go To Art School?
Going to art school is a big commmitment, and it's not for everyone, but it can also be very rewarding. Here's a few things to think about before you decide.

My Number One Art School Tip
Wondering how to survive art school? I've got a tip for you. And it's nothing to do with art supplies, timetables or not strangling your difficult room-mate. (Though that will help!)

Lessons from Anselm Kiefer
Considering the work of successful artists as a model for your own isn't so much about what they specifically do or even how they do it in terms of technique, but about their approach, ethic, work and practice. This article looks at the work of contemporary artist Anselm Kiefer

Six Ways to Make Your Art and Design Portfolio Sparkle
Here are seven tips to help you put together a fantastic art portfolio that shows your true potential as an artist.

Art School - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
What was - or is - art school like for you? For some people it is the kickboard to success, for some it's a waste of three years, while for other's it's a mixed bag. What did you get out of your time at art school? See submissions

Choosing a Visual Art Career
Thinking about a career in the visual arts? There are many avenues to follow, some of which you might not have considered. Here are some points to consider when making your choice.

What Do Artists Do
What do artists actually do? Mostly the seem to swan about at exhibition openings and coffee shops looking very hipster and saying deep and meaningful things. Or do they? Find out what an artist's life is really about.

How to Be A Famous Artist
How do I get to be a famous, successful artist? Do I have to go to art school? What if I don't have any talent? Here's the low down on achieving fame in the art world.

Why Make Art?
Why do we make art? It doesn't save lives, help sick people or end wars. Isn't there better things to do with our time? Why do people bother with making art?

Art Career Kick-Start: A 10-Point Plan to launch your Career
Stop procrastinating and get your creative career going. This 10-point plan will help you make the step up from amateur to professional. Art careers don't just happen by themselves!

What Do You Call Yourself?
Do you call yourself an artist, illustrator or designer? Or perhaps a printmaker, cartoonist or animator? Do the 'titles' we attach to the arts and art skills limit you?

How to Write an Art History Paper
Contributing writer to About.com Art History, Beth Gersh-Nesic, explains how to write an Art History paper. This in-depth article is one to take some time over, and take on board - with her approach, you'll not only get sparkling grades, but you'll develop a deep understanding of Art History that will stay with you for life.

Art, Drawing and the Tyranny of the Medium
Are you being defined by your medium? Limited by your art major? Perhaps you define yourself as a painter, pastellist, cartoonist or digital artist? Many of us focus on a single medium, and can find ourselves subconciously defined by it, discarding ideas before they are even fully formed, because they don't fit our usual way of working.

The Dominique Segan Prize - Drawing Skills on Display?
The Dominique Segan Drawing Prize is one of Australia's premier drawing competitions, but as a snapshot of the drawing ability of contemporary artists, it raises an alarming question. Is drawing a dying art? And what is wrong with art school?

A Competency Based Approach to Teaching Drawing
Art is often seen as a mysterious process, a secret knowledge conjured by inspired individuals. Artists and art teachers know this isn't the case - art skills can be taught. But first, you have to unravel the secrets that you have forgotten you knew.

Preparing Your Art and Design Portfolio
Thinking about applying for art school? You'll need to start thinking about your portfolio well in advance. It's not just about technical skills, but also about ideas.

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