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Clint Eastwood by Christopher Lawrence
Drawing/Sketching Website Gallery - Recent Submissions

Guide Comment: Christopher, this is a very fine drawing. I love the way you've handled the different textures, keeping plenty of energy in the drawing, but still rendering the different fabrics. You've also handled the beard well - face hair can be a bit tricky. Do be careful with the fine shading of the features - I don't know the source image for this drawing, but I feel Eastwood's nose isn't quite that bent! Sometimes subtle shading can make a big difference to how the three-dimensional illusion is created. Also, be sure your source image is clear enough to give you the detail you need in the eyes. The uncertainty around the eye area weakens the drawing. Also watch directional shading - it can be useful sometimes, but in the hat-brim, it is creating an odd, radiant effect. In places like this, you'd be better to use very fine, irregular shading or tiny overlapping circles to lessen the directional quality of the pencil-marks.

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