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Wilderness Endures by Abi Cushman - Fineliners
Drawing/Sketching Website Gallery - Recent Submissions
I've always focused on animals in my artwork, but I started concentrating on wolves in particular a few years ago, thinking about the myths and fairytales involving wolves. I tried to dissect the perceptions that we hold in the Western world of wolves from growing up with stories like the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, etc and compare them to scientific research of wolves and their social behaviour. These two images came from an artist's book I did on the wolf myth theme. I chose to use fineliners because I thought it would be an appropriate medium for a book - durable and not bulky/messy. I had never really drawn final images just in pen before, so it was a learning experience making the book. I continued the wolf theme with my series of prints called the Lone Wolf Series. (You can see the prints on my website abicushman.com

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