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New Beginning by John Lang - Pencil
Drawing/Sketching Website Gallery - Recent Submissions
I am 32 year old, and have no training in art. I have always wanted to draw, but Iíve always felt that art is the domain of the artist ñ somehow a separate section of society! This website has opened up my mind, and has encouraged me to draw myself. Iíve chosen graphite pencil as an entry medium into the arts. Iíve used a photo of the hands digging in the dirt found on the internet as a source. Iíve only been drawing for about a month now, and it took me four sessions to finish the sketch.

Guide Comments:This drawing has a really nice feel,and importantly, it has a sense of meaning, of significance - it isn't just an exercise. I like the way you've included the dark soil in the background - as well as adding a dark, close feel to the picture, it allows the shading of the thumb and fingers to blend into the background, helping to create a three-dimensional look. Hands are particularly difficult to draw, and I think you've done a great job - the wrist of left hand (on our right) is particularly well described. You might like to try charcoal or carbone so you can get stronger blacks. Also watch your mid-range tones - you tend to jump from dark through to a light value, without much graduation in between. I look forward to seeing more of your drawings.

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