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Lion Stretching by M. Brown
Drawing/Sketching Website Gallery - Recent Submissions
I've always loved drawing as a hobby, but would love to be able to produce more professional pictures. Im fairly pleased with my latest drawing of this lion, but i feel like it could be better, and im not sure how to improve. I'd really appreciate any advice/comments. Thanks for looking!

Guide Comments:Oh, this is a lovely drawing! I love the shaggy fur. Its quite realist rendering, but you've also kept a fair bit of energy in the drawing, which I like. Its really a very accomplished piece, so I don't have much to say! However, one suggestion I'd like to make is that you consider including the background. Sometimes realist drawings with a blank white background can looks somewhat 'cut out' - the empty background breaks the illusion. This isn't always necessary, but something to think about. Also consider the entire composition - I feel he could use a little more space in front of his paws - the placement within the frame is a little awkward.

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