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Susan Tschantz

Guest Writer Biography


Susan Tschantz is a regular guest writer and Forum host for Drawing/Sketching at About.com. Her experience in technical and fine arts, and in communicating that knowledge, is a wonderful asset to the site.

Biography: Susan Tschantz

Susan Tschantz worked as a mechanical drafter in the mineral processing industry. She has 10 years experience in producing exacting drawings for manufacture and building. Susan also has training in graphic design. She has used this training in the production of training and service manuals as well as producing Standard Operating Procedures and training materials.

Starting her career on the board, she quickly moved to CAD drafting as the industry changed, using several drafting software packages. She began with early DOS versions of AutoCAD and has progress through AutoCAD 2007. She also has experience with illustration software such as CorelDraw and Corel PhotoPaint, as well as desktop publishing.

She teaches Fine Arts at the Renaissance Art Gallery. Shows frequently, and Serves on the Board of Directors of the Renaissance Art Gallery in Huntington, WV as well as is an active member of the Tri-State Art Association and member of the Huntington Art Museum.

Arts Resources for the Tri-State has asked her to again lead an after school enrichment program in drawing. She also has private students and teaches art for the home schooled. Find Susan's blog at Starrpoint at Blogspot

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