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Manga Valentine - Draw a Manga Valentine's Day Card

By Shinaebi

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The Manga Valentine's Day Card by Shinaebi
Manga Valentine's Day Card design

Create your own, unique Manga Valentine's Day Card

Shinaebi, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Here's the Manga Valentine's Day Card designed for About.com Drawing/Sketching readers by Manga artist Shinaebi. The warm, simple palette offers a more subtle version of the usual Valentine pinks and reds, combined with a classic Manga schoolgirl character. You can adapt the color scheme - match it to your own school uniform or favorite colors, but remember to keep it simple. Less is more! You can follow the steps to draw and color this Manga Valentine on your computer or with pencil, or use the high-res versions provided at the end of the tutorial to print the outline to trace or color, or print the colored version.

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