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Draw a Manga Face - How to Draw a Manga Face


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How to Draw a Manga Face
Draw a Manga Face - How to Draw a Manga Face
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This lesson will show you how to draw a Manga character face. It isn't a particular character - it's one I've made up. By following these basic principles, you can learn how to draw any Manga character's face, just changing the details to suit the character.

The head of a Manga character is by far the most important part! Why? Because the style is based around it. Everything after the head is more or less just another piece of a cartoon character, and by that I mean that for the most part, you can find everything else in other styles of cartooning and comic booking.

To begin your Manga character, first draw a circle. This will be the top of your character’s head and help shape all the later aspects of the head such as the eyes and mouth.

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